The Pinnacles of Gunung Api - Once and never again

Today I’ve probably completed the most physically exhausting activity of my life - a treacherous 4 hours hike up and 7 hours hike down to see the amazing view of the pinnacles.

Gunung Mulu is home to many flora and fauna endemic to Sawarak. It is also home to the blood sucking leeches which heavily populate the 9km trail to Camp 5. The most annoying part about leeches is that once it bites into you, it would feed till it’s full before dropping off like a swollen grape. If you were to remove them, like what I did, while they were still having their buffet, the bite wounds would bleed incessantly. I tried pressuring the wounds, washing them, cleaning them with tissues but the blood kept flowing. I had to go to the airport like with a foot that looked like it’s been attacked by a zombie.

However, this is nothing compared to the physically and mentally demanding hike. The hike was 2.4km long but it was also highly inclined. Almost 95% of the trail had an inclination above 45°! There were numerous occasions where we wanted to throw in the towel and head down, but I’m so glad we did not. Things got worse when it started raining, increasing the difficulty of the hike by 10-folds! By God’s grace, we miraculously completed the trail with just a few scratches, leech bites and a whole body worth of sore.

Thinking back, this photo encapsulates the sweat and bloodshed during this arduous climb. It wasn’t the logical thinking that got us through but the grit and stubborn faith that did.